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​I cannot help but write, and have been drawing inspiration from the minimalism of Robert Lax, the Zen-flared expressions of Ko Un, and the serial poem explorations of Jack Spicer. If an Asian poetic influence is detected in my writing, that should not come as any surprise as it was Matsuo Basho's 17th century travel haibun that initially spurred me to write. For a sampling of my work, do visit my 'Selected Poetry' page; and explore as well my curatorial 'Half Day Moon Press' pages in connection with its art and literary Half Day Moon Journal and digital chapbooks.

A native New Yorker, I am currently a resident of both the Bay Area and Central Anatolian Steppe. My background is in literature, art history, and Mediterranean archaeology. My family includes my lovely Turkish wife Asu and our house-plant forest.

The background images used for this site were taken many years back while visiting the Villa Cimbrone Gardens in Campania...

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