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​A native New Yorker, I currently live on the Central Anatolian Steppe with my wife Asu. I cannot help but write, and have been drawing inspiration from the minimalism of Robert Lax and the serial poem explorations of Jack Spicer. I have also been tinkering with semi-generative writing processes often involving the collaboration of computer algorithms. If an Asian poetic influence is detected in my writing, that should not come as any surprise as it was Matsuo Basho's 17th century travel haibun that initially spurred me to write. 

Much of my writing has been published in a good number of journals and zines over the years, frequently anthologized, and on a few occasions awarded. I hope to put together some full-length chapbooks in the near future if and when time allows. There is, however, a collection of my micro-poetry featured in Red Moon Press' A New Resonance 11 (2019) and there is also an earlier e-chapbook supplement to an issue of Otata. Nonetheless, some of my own work can be found on my "Selected Poetry" page. And while you are here, see also my Half Day Moon Press project, which showcases the work of select poets, artists, and photographers.

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