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Mini Digital Chapbooks Curated by Joseph S. Aversano

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Half Day Moon Journal  (HDMJ)

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Coming Soon: HDMP No. 16: Baby in Space by Donna Fleischer

HDMP No. 15: Meeting / Listening / Gallivanting: Artwork by Joan Wortis and Donald Cole with texts by John Levy (with facing-page spreads)

    [HDMP No. 15: Meeting / Listening / Gallivanting (version with single-page view)]


HDMP No. 14: The Life of a Tenement House by Grzegorz Wroblewski

HDMP No. 13: Sakın Şaşırma: Sekiz Seçilmiş Orhan Veli Şiiri (Türkçe / in Turkish)  

HDMP No. 12: The Lost Continent of the Turks: A Most Curious but True Tale by Michael Conduit

HDMP No. 11: Dots by Angela Caporaso

HDMP No. 10: Bureau of Weights and Measures by Ron Scully

HDMP No. 9: Mercator Projected: Selected Geographies by Mark Young

HDMP No. 8: A Message from the Meadows: Emily Dickinson's Manuscript Fragments in Three Short Pictorial Essays compiled by Joseph S. Aversano

HDMP No. 7: Cairns by Sabine Miller

HDMP No. 6: The Rattle Inside by Cherie Hunter Day

HDMP No. 5: Aranna Sutta: The Wilderness translated by John D. Ireland

HDMP No. 4: The Sounding Line by Stephen Toft

HDMP No. 3: Raining at the Moment by John Levy

HDMP No. 2: August: A Poem in 6 Parts by Johannes S. H. Bjerg

HDMP No. 1: Palmenhaus: A Visitor's Guide by Joseph Salvatore Aversano


Versions suitable for printing have been made available for the following chapbooks:

No. 7 ;  No. 6 ;  No. 4 ;  No. 3 ;  No. 2 ;  No. 1 


More titles coming soon . . .

ISSN 2992-9571

HDMP Digital Chapbook Series

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