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New multimedia release: Levy's Raining at the Moment (HDMP No. 3)

Half Day Moon Press is very pleased to announce the publication of John Levy's multimedia chapbook Raining at the Moment. It contains pairings of photographs and poetry, both of which correspond with each other to the extent that one wonders which came first, the image or the text. The whole of the work is a whimsical garden of delights best appreciated when revisited at different times of the day, and in altering light, as its various parts emerge from or recede further into shade. Moreover, whether it is "raining at the moment", or just after, both colors and phrases are imbued with a dazzling sheen. This being said, here is one of the pairings:

Horse and I

Rain is. Falling. Between

us. It


on us. And

the fence. It

changes the

color of

where. It. Lands. I

put this


words. Where





Available in pdf versions for screens or for print.


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