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New Release: A Message from the Meadows: Emily Dickinson's Manuscripts (HDMP 8)

From the introduction of A Message from the Meadows: Emily Dickinson's Manuscript Fragments in Three Short Pictorial Essays, compiled by Joseph S. Aversano (Half Day Moon Press No. 8) :

The three short pictorial essays in this volume have been compiled with digitized manuscripts from The Emily Dickinson Collection of Amherst College Archives and Special Collections. A good number of these are fragments. The manuscripts selected feature handwriting in Dickinson’s own hand and include her notes, letters, and poems. Compiled in the spirit of John Berger’s pictorial essays in his seminal work, Ways of Seeing (Great Britain: Penguin Books, 1972), it is hoped that, by means of selection, sequence, and juxtaposition, the pieces will bring into relief some of the themes that span multiple manuscript genres in The Emily Dickinson Collection.


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