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28 lunar-induced tracks selected by Half Day Moon Press . . .

YOUTUBE PLAYLIST TRACKS: o1) "Lovers from the Moon" by Magnetic Fields (1992) o2) "Chain to the Moon" by Guided by Voices (2o12) o3) "Destination Moon" by Solid Space (1982) o4) "Moon Dance" by Sun Ra and his Myth Science Arkestra (1963 / 1967) o5) "Yellow Sarong" by The Scene is Now (1985) o6) "Ay Beyaz Deniz Mavi" by T.P.A.O. Batman Orkestrasi (c. 1967) o7) "New Moon on Monday" by Duran Duran (1984 / 2o1o remaster) o8) "Hey Moon" by John Maus w/ Molly Nillson (2o11) o9) "Satellite" by Elliott Smith (1995) 1o) "Moon Pulls" by múm (2oo7) 11) "The Moon Asked the Crow" (Live at Amoeba Music) by Coco Rosie (2o12) 12) "The Killing Moon" (Live at The Old Grey Whiste Test) by Echo and the Bunnymen (1985) 13) "The Dreaming Moon" by Magnetic Fields (1995) 14) Waiting for the Moon to Rise" by Belle and Sebastian (2ooo) 15) "Pink Moon" by Nick Drake (1972) 16) "Moon" by Jeunesse D'Ivoire (1982) 17) "I Have the Moon" by Magnetic Fields (1994) 18) "Arthur's Theme (Best That You Can Do" by Christopher Cross (1981) 19) "Walking on the Moon" by The Police (1979) 2o) "Moonchild" by M83 (2oo5) 21) "New Moon" (Live on KEXP) by aYia (2o16) 22) "Forest Moon" by Boards of Canada (1996 remaster) 23) "St. Ides Heaven" by Elliott Smith (1995) 24) "You and Me and the Moon" by Magnetic Fields (1995) 25) "Shepherd Moons" by Enya (1991 / 2oo9 remaster) 26) "Sad Little Moon" by Magnetic Fields (1994) 27) "Hey Moon!" by Molly Nilsson (2oo8) 28) "Blue Moon" by Big Star (1974 / 1978) 29) "Moonshadow" (Live at the BBC) by (1971) )) ) )

[Image taken from Curso elemental de geografia universal by the Mexican geographer, historian, writer and cartographer Antonio García Y Cubas, Mexico, 1869.]

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