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Forthcoming Half Day Moon Chapbooks on the Horizon...

Updated: Sep 2, 2023

Exciting new digital chapbooks are on the way from Half Day Moon Press following the launch of the first issue of Half Day Moon Journal earlier this month. The forthcoming works include:

Mercator Projected: selected geographies by Mark Young (HDMP 9)

to be released towards the end of next week (25-26 Aug.) and containing a post-modern whirlwind of traveller's notes on obscure, well-known, and exotic locales replete with glitchy maps and imagery.

Beureau of Weights and Measures by Ron Scully (HDMP 10)

a collection of seventeen-syllabled one-line poems on tools from an antique existentialist toolbox.

Dots by Angela Caporaso (HDMP 11)

showcasing a mixed-media Vispo study of indeterminancy and uncertainty...

Empire of Mu by Michael David Conduit (HDMP 12... )

a quirky geohistorical graphic novel revolving around the search for the elusive Empire of Mu...

Sakın Şaşırma: Sekiz Seçilmiş Şiir by Orhan Veli (HDMP 13) [Türkçe / in Turkish]

a selection of eight short poems in Turkish by Orhan Veli Kanık (1914-1950)

Baby in Space by Donna Fleischer (HDMP ?)

a wondrous new creation myth for the 21st century...

The Life of a Tenement House by Grzegorz Wroblewski (HDMP ?)

an engaging collection of newly translated poems from the Polish!

stationary coin-operated binoculars pointed at a horizon...


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