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Half Day Moon Journal, Issue N. 1 (Art & Literature)

Updated: Sep 2, 2023

The cover of Half Day Moon Journal, Issue N. 1 (August 2023) featuring asemic art work by Stephen Nelson.

Featuring Asemic Work by Stephen Nelson
Edited by Joseph S. Aversano

C O N T R I B U T I N G P O E T S :

Michele Root-Bernstein; Sabine Miller;
John Phillips; Marcia Arrieta; John Pappas;
Mark Young; John Levy; David Kelly;
Peter Yovu; Joseph Noble; Debbie Strange;
Johannes S. H. Bjerg; Cherie Hunter Day;
Beverly Acuff Momoi; Stephanie Ross;
Peter Jatermsky; Bob Lucky;
Laura Winter; Irmak Canevi;
Philip Rowland

Both print-on-demand (16 USD excluding shipping)
& free-of-cost online editions are available.

Order a Print Copy Link:


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